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Cafecito Wax Melts

Cafecito Wax Melts

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Tan delicioso … Nothing beeats the vibrant aroma that comes from our full-bodied, freshly poured cafecito made from Café Beestelo coffee bean wax melts. Made con mucho, mucho, amor for those who want to experience a strong pick me up at any time of the day y un poco de sabor Latino. Simply open your can of beans and pour a fresh batch into your silicone filter before it’s time to brew, and enjoy the freshest, boldest coffee aroma possible. 


(1) Premium Roast Coffee Bean Wax Melts

(3) Silicone Wax Liners i.e Coffee Filters 

(1) Mini Iron Stovetop Coffee Maker *Included in first 50 orders* 


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