Our Story

Hatched during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, BusyBee Box was created to bring sustainable entertainment right to your front door. What started as a passion project for Queen K, an Afro-Latina with proud Domincan roots from Newark, New Jersey, quickly became a viral sensation with boxes shipping all over the world, thanks to some extra buzz from TikTok.

With over 15 hobbies & crafts taking over her office space, CEO Keila Arias created her community of earth-loving, bee-saving creatives, pushing out box after box of smart, sustainable craft projects to get us through the lockdown.

With a mantra of "Save The Bees" BusyBee Box Co. quickly became a viral sensation, the perfect answer for antsy creatives that were looking for a new hobby in isolation, made with love from our hive to yours.

All of our craft boxes are made with recyclable, nontoxic materials from our paints down to our packaging! A portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to a variety of organizations that are committed to saving the bees, and creating a more sustainable, healthy Earth.


Our Mission

To provide eco-friendly & cost-affordable hobby craft kits for all of those in search of something to stimulate their mind, body, & soul.

Save the Bees!

Our Pledge

We pledge to advocate for the pollinators who do not have a voice of their own. We will protect honey bees and other pollinators by following the four pollinator protection principles that include providing protection, food, water, and shelter for the honey bees. As well as maintaining a pesticide-free environment for them to forage in.

How We Help

We pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly products & packaging from day 1 until our last stinger falls off. All of our materials are 100% recycled, reusable, & biodegradable. Every piece of packaging from the BusyBee box itself to any/all of its inside components after use is recyclable – Except for your Fact Drop Card! Buzz on over to our FAQs to learn why your Fact Card is as good as gold[en] honey in these hives.

Charitable Donations

A % of the proceeds from each BusyBee box sold will be donated to various Bee Preservation Organizations as an additional way to help in the fight to Save the Bees, including: