Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Lets talk sustainable suplies - Here at BBB, we have our worker bees focused on obtaining high quality, reusable and recycleable materials from our canvases down to our corrugated packaging! 

When creating our kits we include natural materials like yarn, jute twine, clay, canvas, &/or wood so you can connect with nature while crafting toward inner peace. Our project materials & packaging supplies are sourced from reputable, earth-friendly companies that have a green standard. 

While we do our best to find the most sustainable components available, onncasionally kits will include materials that are vetted to be non-toxic, and eco friendly. 

As we expand our brand we intend to expand our support of companies that are already providing innovation of green materials, and increase our donations to various Bee Preservation Organizations as a way to further support the fight to Save the Bees.